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Flower Power Candy Cake

(All of our cakes contain Eggs, Gluten, Milk, and Nuts – specifically Almonds & Hazelnuts)


The Set Up

Our custom handmade cakes are covered in thick Swiss frosting, chocolate ganache, candy, macarons, edible flowers and berries. As all of our cakes are made by hand, no cake will ever be identical to another. Tell us your design preference, favourite chocolate bar and colour and we will add it to your one of a kind flower power candy cake.



Classic Raspberry and Vanilla

Chocolate Strawberry and Vanilla

Chocolate Caramel

Chocolate Hazelnut Praline

Vanilla and Mixed Berry

Passionfruit and White Chocolate


Chocolate Drip Glaze Options

Dark Chocolate Ganache

Milk Chocolate Glaze

White Chocolate Ganache (colour options: white, blue, green, pink, grey or gold)


Prices (Starts from)

 6 inch, 6 people = £45

6 inch Skyscraper Cake, 15 people = £75

8 inch, 15 people = £55

10 inch, 25 people = £75

12 inch, 45 people = £120

2 tier small, 22 people = £150

2 tier med, 40 people = £180

2 tier large, 70 people = £250

3 tier, 50 people =£380

4 tier, 100 people =£500


Handwritten Birthday Message: £2 Acrylic

Cake topper: £20


To order please fill out the form on the 'ordering' page and the

Apple Blue team will get back to you as soon as possible !