Custom Cakes

Celebrate your special occasion with one of our tailor-made gorgeous cakes. Simply choose one of the following styles, check out some of our Instagram designs, write us about your styling preferences, favourite chocolate bar and colours and we'll do the rest. To order and request use our contact page! Please note all of our cakes are lovingly hand made and therefore no two will ever be identical. 

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Flower Power Candy Cake

Our custom handmade Flower Power Candy Cakes are covered in thick Swiss frosting, chocolate ganache, candy, macarons, edible flowers and berries. Tell us your design preference, favourite chocolate bar and colour and we will add it to your one of a kind flower power candy cake !

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The Operas

Layers of classic French almond sponge, pistachio/orange/raspberry cream, ganache, and opera glaze decorated with macarons, tempered chocolate and edible flowers.

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Simply Naked Cake

For real cake lovers: we add just enough frosting to our semi-naked cakes to make it all about that soft sponge. Our custom handmade cakes are made up of sponge, thick Swiss frosting, macarons or meringues, edible flowers and berries. Simple.                                 


Red Velvet

A classic, tasty twist. Our red velvet is a soft beautiful sponge, filled and decorated with cream cheese, colourful meringue drops and rich tampered chocolate shards.

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Patisserie Cake

Patisserie lovers alert ! A little twist on our Flower Power Candy Cake, the Patisserie Cake is covered in thick Swiss frosting and decorated with macarons, eclairs, choux drops, meringues, chocolate discs, edible flowers and berries.                                      

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Choose from a delicious selection of flavours and customise the decoration of colour, favourite chocolate bar or sweet treat and celebrate with a wonderful little box of individual homemade cakes. 

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Russian Honey Cake

Burnt Honey, homemade Dulce de Leche, Chantilly in between 8 layers of burnt Honey bain-marie sponge.

£65 (25 Portions)